Rapid Fire Sales: A Travelin’ Team 🔥🔥

In business, a crucial part of development lies within stepping outside of your comfort zone; breaching what makes you comfortable for what makes you better. At Rapid Fire Sales, we help our team grow into the best versions of their selves through intensive leadership development, hands-on coaching, and constant travel!

Just last month, we sent 2 senior team members within our company, Grant, and DeRell on a nationwide tour, taking them from Grand Rapids to Indianapolis, Memphis, Nashville, and Dallas. all in the span of 2 weeks! Between visiting 3 of our client’s regional offices to attending a nationally held marketing & sales, the 2 came back more energized and knowledgeable than before. Upon their return, we sat down with these two pacesetters in our company to ask them what they took most from their travels!

Gentlemen welcome back! Tell us everything!

Grant: Taking different trips to other offices, especially the national conference held by our client broker in Dallas, really gave me the extra push that I needed to realize the opportunity that I’ve been given with this company. It also showed me some of what to look forward to on my path to management. Meeting fellow entrepreneurs that have experienced similar struggles to get to where they are in business really opened my eyes. It taught me not to be so hard on myself and to tune out naysayers along the way. In order to be financially free and have time to myself in the future, I have to keep pushing myself during and after work hours to stay one step ahead.

DeRell: The overall trip was definitely one to remember, from the 1 on 1’s with various people in different cities to seeing the culture of each regional office we traveled to. Along with this trip, I learned different techniques for team building and ways to manage my personal production and team production. Not only that, I learned from different owners about taking the next step in building a resilient mindset. It was great being surrounded by people who had succeeded in my industry because it made me want to work 10 times harder. I believe that everyone should get to experience something of this nature. I have an extra drive to become the best version of my professional self and not let anything get in the way. With that being said, our client broker’s national conference and the road trip following it was a great success and wonderful help. I am truly grateful to have been able to experience it!

Grant & DeRell, thank you for representing Rapid Fire Sales with pride. You truly went into this experience humbled and ready to learn and came back more ready than ever to crush your goals. Thank you for injecting all you learned back into our team. We appreciate you two more than you know!


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