One on One Interview with Caterrika Lashley

In early September, our team had the pleasure of conducting a one-on-one interview with Caterrika Lashley, an account manager here at Rapid Fire Sales. Rapid Fire is an innovative consulting firm specializing in personalized marketing and customer acquisition. Caterrika has been with the firm for one year, and today holds the title of account manager with confidence.

Lashley was born and raised in Columbus, Mississippi. As a high schooler, Lashley spent her time on the softball field, but softball wasn’t the MVP’s only skill. Aside from her schoolwork and time on the field, Lashley directed her high school choir. After graduating from high school in 2005, Lashley would go on to earn a scholarship to play collegiate softball at Northeast Mississippi Community College for two years.

Lashley yearned for the opportunity to build a successful career and provide for her daughter, leading the budding businesswoman to the sales industry. “I started selling flooring door to door, but I quickly got tired of running all over the city,” says Lashley, “it didn’t help that I wasn’t passionate about vinyl flooring.”

Lashley’s career with Rapid Fire Sales was born in Memphis when she took a position with Grizzly Sales Force. Shortly after, she relocated to Grand Rapids to work for Rapid Fire, and everything fell into place. “The sky’s the limit with Rapid Fire Sales,” says Lashley. The account manager has truly found her niche within the company and has achieved the success to prove it. “I love what I am doing now,” says Lashley, “I love being part of a great business where people love people, and I love managing my own money.”

Lashley’s days at Rapid Fire Sales tend to be pretty busy, as the boss lady takes on hefty responsibilities. “It’s my job to make sure the office stays on beat,” says Lashley, “I keep the atmosphere fun, energetic, and family oriented.” Aside from boosting up her team, Lashley’s other daily responsibilities include making sure she is consistent with her own sales and maintaining her position as the beating heart of the company.

Lashley has found a home and a place to thrive within the Rapid Fire Sales culture. “We are very family oriented,” says Lashley, “we actually get together outside of work, we cook together, carpool together, hear out each other’s problems, receive each other’s criticism.” It is thanks to her amazing team and her own work ethic that Lashley has found such success, and the wins won’t stop here. “My goal is to grow a team rapidly and get out there,” says Lashley, “I want to teach people how to do this and impart knowledge on other people.”

Lashley’s past year with the consulting firm has been filled with lessons. “Maintain it,” says Lashley, “I keep God first in any situation, and focus on maintaining and growing. Confidence is key.” The admiration she feels towards the culture Rapid Fire Sales may have grown in her time with the company, but the seeds were planted her first day on the job. “I had never seen a company grow so fast,” says Lashley, “they offered me to grow within the company while providing an opportunity to others.” Lashley has endless positive words for her team, specifically her mentors within the company who lead without example and find motivation every day.

Lashley’s advice to others in the industry is lasting. “If it was easy, anyone could do it,” says Lashley, “You have to put in the hard work to get where you want to go.” One thing is for sure, there is no limit to success in Caterrika Lashley’s future.



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