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Rapid Fire Round: Meet Mariah!

This month, our Rapid Fire Sales team had the opportunity to sit down with Mariah Hardy for a rapid fire, lightning round of questions to help our clients and colleagues learn a bit more about her. The account manager is an integral part of our team and contributes her bubbly personality and light to our culture each and every day. A Memphis native, Hardy has spent her years as an athlete, pageant contestant, education student, sorority sister, and businesswoman.

Where were you born?

“I was born in Memphis, Tennessee.”

Is that where you were primarily raised?

“I was raised in Memphis my entire life.”

How would your parents have described you as a kid?

“My parents would describe me as athletic, smart, stylish, and spoiled.”

Were you in any sports or extracurriculars?

“I was a cheerleader growing up. I also played tennis, was in jump rope club, and I grew up in pageants.”

How did that competitive environment help develop you?

“The competitive environment helped develop me by making me never want to settle for less. What is second place?”

Did you have any idea you would end up in this field?

“No, never ever. I always aspired to be a teacher.”

Tell us about your college experience.

“I attended college at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. I majored in Pre-K through 3rd grade Education. I was also a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority.”

What is one life experience that you feel has shaped you?

“One life experience that has shaped me is joining my illustrious sorority. The sisterhood is unmatched.”

What is something we might not know about you by just looking at you?

“You might not know that I love to eat. I eat a lot. I love trying new and different foods. If you ever see me, nine times out of ten I’m eating.”

What day, month, year did you start with the company?

“I started with this Company in June of 2018.”

What were your first thoughts when starting with the company?

“My first thought when joining this company was ‘Wow, it’s so competitive.’ At the same time, it was very family-oriented. It’s like you could sense it.”

How would you describe the culture at your company?

“The culture at my company is very fun, upbeat, and family oriented.”

What has been your best memory with the company?

“My best memory with this company is continuously hearing my name on rankings.”

What is something you’ve learned through your work you didn’t know before?

“Something that I’ve learned through my work is how to effectively converse with others and have an actual conversation.”

How has this career changed you as a person?

“My career has changed me as a person by developing me into the woman that I always aspired to be; although I still have much more room for growth.”

What are your goals with the company?

“My goals with this company are to grow and continue to learn, take on additional responsibilities, and continue to contribute much value as possible to my team. I see myself as a top performing employee in a well-established organization like this one. I will always take full advantage of the development opportunities.”

What do you do for fun when you’re not working?

“When I’m not working, I love to shop! I love pampering myself because I deserve it. Getting my nails done, getting my hair done, shopping, and spending time with friends.”

From all of us in your Rapid Fire family, we thank you for your hard work Mariah, and we can’t wait to watch you soar in this industry.b6f7ca63-5918-4eed-a5a5-d9cb8f41486eea1e5486-c59d-4344-9574-3f89401f40296883f914-c8d7-4743-ac6d-60a40110d2ea27e77883-3be0-418c-9430-9809340673e0db64cd51-376a-4b45-a219-849044cdfde4e59c5fd0-155a-4701-9c37-020c0ef3a03f


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