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Founded in 2018, Rapid Fire Sales is a leading sales and marketing company based in Memphis, Tennessee. We partner with the nation’s leading fiber-optic, telecommunications, and satellite broadcasting providers by offering them a service unmatched by others. That service is our professionally trained sales team. Rapid Fire Sales acquires more long-term, happy customers and increased positive name recognition than any other firm in the area. We do this through relationship-based marketing and sales techniques that are people focused, not product centered.

Clients choose to work with our firm not just because we have a track record of exceeding sales targets but also in how we do it. Rapid Fire Sales’ methodology has been proven to improve name recognition by 400% for some of our clients and consistently proves to be the best form of marketing in obtaining new long-term customers. What is our secret? It’s more about who we are than what we are selling. We are honest, authentic, and genuinely interested in making our customer’s buying experience enjoyable. At Rapid Fire Sales, we care about our client’s growth and our team’s success. Our core purpose is to make a positive impact!

Learn more about Rapid Fire Sales by visiting our website at https://rapidfiresales.org. Interested in our professional marketing and sales services or joining our team? Feel free to contact our Human Resources Department at hr@rapidfiresales.org!