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Rapid Fire Round: Meet Mariah!

This month, our Rapid Fire Sales team had the opportunity to sit down with Mariah Hardy for a rapid fire, lightning round of questions to help our clients and colleagues learn a bit more about her. The account manager is an integral part of our team and contributes her bubbly personality and light to our… Continue reading Rapid Fire Round: Meet Mariah!


One on One Interview with Caterrika Lashley

In early September, our team had the pleasure of conducting a one-on-one interview with Caterrika Lashley, an account manager here at Rapid Fire Sales. Rapid Fire is an innovative consulting firm specializing in personalized marketing and customer acquisition. Caterrika has been with the firm for one year, and today holds the title of account manager… Continue reading One on One Interview with Caterrika Lashley


Rapid Fire Sales: A Travelin’ Team 🔥🔥

In business, a crucial part of development lies within stepping outside of your comfort zone; breaching what makes you comfortable for what makes you better. At Rapid Fire Sales, we help our team grow into the best versions of their selves through intensive leadership development, hands-on coaching, and constant travel! Just last month, we sent… Continue reading Rapid Fire Sales: A Travelin’ Team 🔥🔥